Tuesday, January 25, 2011

50 First Dates: Possible or Totally Fiction?

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you

What's up, TnT's? Remember those lyrics? Read it again... Still don't remember? Okay, don't need to Google it cause I'll tell you now. It's from Adam Sandler's song titled "Grow Old with You". Now I bet you can answer, from what movie is that song? Yes! 50 First Dates (gosh! I already spoiled it on the post title!!). Let me refresh your memory.

Lucy (Drew Barrymore) had a car accident that makes her loss her memory overnight, means that she can remember all the things for the same day events, but will totally forget it after she wakes up in the morning. Harry (Adam Sandler) met her and fell in love. Knowing her condition, he tries every way to meet her everyday, which means that they will meet, acquaint, every morning. And then...

Stop the spoil!! I don't wanna be kicked by TnT's that hasn't seen the movie (where have you been?! Kidding). We've already got the point: Lucy's case. So, what is actually happened with Lucy?

The car accident Lucy got gave her an injury on her brain, called traumatic brain injury, happened caused by a hit on her head. The problem don't stop in that case cause she has got another scary things that can be forever: brain disorder. Remember Alzheimer, Parkinson disease, stroke, ADD/ADHD? In Lucy's case, she's got amnesia.

So, what kind of amnesia it that? It is called anterograde amnesia, which deals with Lucy's short-term memory. To remember something for weeks or years, the brain needs to recognize and convert the things that we just remember, such as this article that you read now, to a long-term memory. In Lucy's case, her brain fails to do that, makes her forget anything happened a day before. Scary? Yeah, totally.

Okay, that's the medical analysis. But in real life, is that possible? Well, actually, it seems yes. In 2010, researchers in UK found a woman that has a similar condition after got a car accident. She has a good memory for anything happen at the same day, but it lost overnight. The interesting fact, she claimed that she has never seen 50 First Dates (actually she has seen it several times), but she said that Drew Barrymore is her favorite actress. This leads to the speculation that the experience she has got from seeing the movie has been recorded unconsciously in her brain, just similar like what happens with Lucy and Henry's face painting (hmmm, I wanna write the story but decided to not spoiling it). Or maybe, that woman just seeing Charlie's Angels or Never Been Kissed several times years before. Might be.

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